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Ketamine Injection Therapy

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What is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine therapy is best described as a relaxation session where a person is administered a low dose of ketamine by a Licensed Health Professional. This could be done through IV or Injection (IM). The focus of this therapy is on assisting those with hard to treat depression, anxiety, trauma and/or chronic medical issues. A person must undergo intake and therapy sessions with a Mental Health Professional and get a referral/clearance from their Physician prior to receiving ketamine medicine.

To Begin Ketamine Therapy:

First Step: Mental Health/Medical Intake ($300)

Second Step: Physician Referral Needed

Third Step:   Mental Health Session for Preparation May need 1 to 3 sessions ($200 each /Ins.)

Ketamine Therapy Process

Medicine Sessions are Intermuscular

(60-90 minutes)

 (Number of Sessions will vary depending upon the individual response.   Average is 5 to 6 sessions)

$550/session for a single patient 

$475/session for 2 or more people

Payment options:


Health Savings Account

Credit Card



Things to Note:

We are a highly trained, experienced and specialized team of medical & mental health professionals.  We are not a medical clinic or hospital but have emergency help available within 3 to 5 miles from our facility.   We will collaborate with your healthcare team. 


It is necessary to obtain written approval from Physician.


It is also necessary to go through the intake process with mental health team.  We do accept collaboration/documentation from outside mental health professionals.

While the process is relaxing and low risk, there is no way for us to predict how you will respond to the medicine.  It is essential for you to discuss this with your physician.  


It is also important for you to register your medical portal account with us.

Your personal goals, intentions, and safety matter most to us! We do this because we want your best in life!

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