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Beyond the Brain Therapies Inc.
Beyond the Brain Therapies Inc.

"Making Possibilities a Reality"

Counseling, Wellness, Biofeedback, Education & Mediation for Families

Debra Nelson, MA LMFT      

Welcome to Beyond The Brain Therapies Inc.

We offer Mental Health Counseling and healing resources.

Counseling & Mediation Solutions LLC  was founded in 2002 to support individuals, couples and families in the Northern Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  "What sets us apart is the genuine care, personal focus and powerful healing synergy".   We are experienced Practitioners utilizing specialized therapeutic skills, warm supportive relationships,  customized care and effective methods to bring maximum healing and energy into lives.   

Beyond The Brain Therapies Inc.  Offers a cutting edge approach to individual healing through the integration of new advanced medical technologies.  Beyond the Brain is different from other practices in that we focus on maximizing the human potential utilizing the application of science, psychology, spirituality, meditation, energy, movement, physiological understanding and a multi-specialty approach to wellness.

Founded in 2016 this expansion incorporates a new team of trained, devoted and specialized health professionals who work collaboratively to provide possibilities and hope.  We assist people just like you to create new beginnings to a meaningful life.

We offer specialized therapies such as biofeedback, integration, psychological empowerment, brain spotting, trauma resources, as well as, stress reduction training.

Debra Nelson, MA LMFT


Debra, the Founder of Beyond the Brain Therapies Inc. and Counseling & Mediation Solutions LLC has been serving the Forest Lake, 7 County Metro area and On-Line since 2002. She is  a Licensed and experienced Marriage and Family Therapist, Mediator, Biofeedback Practitioner, Psychological Evaluator, Parenting Consultant/Expeditor, Military Family Life and Youth Consultant, Domestic Abuse Advocate, Public Speaker, Supervisor, Volunteer Community Panel Judge and Biofeedback Specialist has made it her life pursuit to help others in their time of need.

"33 years of mental health counseling, wellness work and family divorce/parenting mediation services.   I have been inspired to expand services and incorporate new  approaches to healing.  Now offering non-verbal trauma relief therapies."

Family  Mediation and Counseling Services

Our Expanded Services Include


Trauma Therapy

Military Support

Family Counseling

Alternative Healing

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback SCIO

Spirituality and Guidance

Psychological Evaluations

Art, Music, Pet Therapy

Play Therapy

Nutritional Support


We are here to help... call or text 651.408.3174

TBI/Traumatic Brain Injury



Memory Loss/Cognitive Loss



Sports Injury

Academic/Work Performance

Chemical Abuse Issues

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Temporomandibular joint issues (TMJ)

High Blood Pressure



Mental Illness

Chronic Health / Illness

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