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Life challenges bring stress that can cause you to grow and expand.   With support of friends, family and others who are trained in areas of advancement, healing and growth you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Life opportunities are out there.  You have the ability to adapt and evolve in great ways.   Let us assist you in exploring the new beginnings you are longing to experience. We will help you take flight.

Your time as a caterpillar has expired! "Your wings are ready"


Are you looking for healing, increased success, renewed energy, expanding your abilities, healing from trauma, gaining a stronger confidence, career exploration, managing chronic illness, chemical recovery, life transition support, divorce, grief  or loss recovery?  We are here to help strengthen your capacity for advanced insights into emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual areas of your life?
We offer options to assist in optimizing your potential and removing blockages that keep you from the living the life you desire.  You can expect personalized support, care and direction from licensed health professionals who will put you first.  Let us help you gain strength quickly.
Working to perfect understanding and respect.  All ages are welcome.  Alternative cutting-edge approaches to maximizing your potential!
You are not alone...

You've Got This....Take the next step! 

We Can Help

  • Self Regulation Skills

  • Attention and Focus

  • Traumatic Stress

  • Transitional Stress

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Academic/Work Performance

  • Chemical Abuse Issues

  • Behavioral Challenges

  • Anger

  • Spiritual Concerns

  • Grief

  • TBI/Concussions

  • Mental Illness

  • Chronic Health / Illness

"What sets us apart is the genuine care, effective focus and powerful healing synergy".

Counseling and Alternative Therapies

  • Counseling

  • Co-Parenting Support

  • Family Mediation Child Inclusive

  • Consultation Parenting/Coaching

  • Custody Evaluations

  • Play, Art & Pet Therapy

  • Psychological Evaluations

  • ADHD/ADD Spectrum Services

  • Biofeedback 

  • Play Attention

  • HeartMath

  • Brainspotting/EMDR

  • Collaborative Nutritional Doctor

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